Nina Lombardo, LMT, BA, is a graduate from the Florida School of Massage and is a certified Thai Massage Practitioner. She has devoted thousands of hours to the practice and study of Thai Massage, including a six month certification program and advanced trainings in Thai Foot ReflexologyThai Herbal Bundle TherapeuticsThai on the Table, and Double Practitioner Thai Massage. Nina undertook a yearlong apprenticeship with her teacher, Ariela Grodner, and has received training in Marma Chikitsā with the great Ayurvedic physician, Vasant Lad. She has also spent time studying advanced Thai Massage techniques at the Sunshine School of Thai Massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Nina is committed to the well-being of her clients, and aims to foster therapeutic relationships that promote deeper senses of connection, self-embodiment and internal awareness. Combining both her attentive presence and vast knowledge of human form and movement,  she cultivates spaces in which clients feel both cared for and empowered to take care of themselves. 

The product of Nina's work is a culmination of her studies in yoga, Ayurveda, folk medicine, ecotherapy, mindfulness-based practices, dance, music, and movement. In her classes and private sessions, she integrates elements of creative improvisation and intuitive awareness, believing that the deepest connections occur when we are able to surrender to each moment with curiosity, compassion, and presence.

“The foundation of my work lies in my complete fascination of the human form. Every body is a puzzle, every person a story. Each time I make contact with an individual, I am filled with reverence and compassion.”