Thai Massage Training and Certification

For those who wish to learn the art of Thai Massage, we offer several courses for both beginners and advanced students alike, listed below. Along with these comprehensive trainings, we also offer a number of specialized Thai Massage courses for the more devoted pratitioners.

Introduction to Thai Massage: A two-day intensive

In this two-day intensive, we will be learning the foundations of Thai Yoga Massage, an ancient form of therapeutic bodywork that integrates elements of massage, yoga, Ayurveda, and martial arts into a beautiful dance between giver and receiver. We will be covering all the basics of Thai Massage, including assisted stretches, body mechanics, philosophy, and theory. By the end of the workshop, we will have the tools to offer an hour-long Thai Massage session, along with the hands-on skills to enable yoga instructors and massage therapists to provide therapeutic touch and assisted stretches to their students and clients.

The workshop format focuses on Thai Massage as an assisted yoga practice with manual techniques for recipients in the supine, prone, and seated positions. Anyone with an interest in providing therapeutic touch and deepening their understanding of the body and its anatomy/movement is welcome to participate. No prior experience necessary.

CEUs for Florida Licensed Massage Therapists available.

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