Traditional Thai Massage


Thai Massage Seated Stretch

Thai Massage Seated Stretch

Thai Massage Spinal Twist

Unlike the more familiar table massage, Thai Massage is unique in that it is performed on a plush, padded floor mat. This method can be very grounding and comfortable for the client, and also provides ample space for the practitioner to work.

A traditional Thai Massage treatment usually begins with the feet and ends with the head. All muscle groups are addressed, some more or less than others depending on the client's specific needs and areas of tension. During the session, the body is guided through a sequence of various movements and stretches, incorporating rhythmic compression, energy line work, gentle holds, and marma point (acupressure) therapy.

The key to receiving the fullest benefits of Thai Massage is in the client's ability to surrender to the guided movements. For some people this may come easily, and for others it may take several sessions. Regardless, Thai Massage is beneficial for everybody, no matter one's age, size, or range of flexibility. The benefit of the work is in its ability to move stagnant energy and restore balance in the body.

Please arrive to your session wearing loose, comfortable clothing such as sweatpants and a T-shirt. The client will remain clothed throughout the session as no oil or sweeping strokes are used during the massage. The exception is with shea butter, which is often used on the hands, feet and neck to facilitate a smooth and relaxing contact.